Our philosophy

 (Te Whariki-He Whariki Matauranga mo nga Mokopuna o Aotearoa). We believe New Zealand has a unique bi-cultural heritage and we endeavour to reflect this at every level of our work. People of all backgrounds and cultures are welcomed, accepted and respected. We provide an inclusive environment that develops and promotes positive relationships between all those within our community.


We value parent’s knowledge and understanding of their child’s learning and development, therefore we encourage them to be partners with us in their child’s education and care. Education and care are interwoven within these relationships establishing a sound base for children’s learning.

We believe children who have a healthy self-esteem are resilient, competent and confident learners; we consciously work to nurture and support this. For children to reach their full potential they must develop secure relationships with adults based upon trust and respect. We believe that children learn best through play and experience; teachers facilitate and extend a child’s learning within play. Each child is a unique individual; we encourage freedom of expression, developing an understanding of the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour within the comfort of regular routines and events. 

We believe in an environment that is based upon socio-cultural principles where everyone is a contributor to a child’s learning. We provide an environment which, celebrates and supports noticing, recognizing, responding and revisiting children’s interests and learning.

At all times teachers are conscious of being role models; co-operating, supporting, and valuing each other.