Staff and Size

How many children are cared for by each adult? 1:3.5 in the under two's and 1:7 in our over two's.

How many children go to the service, and what age range are they?  Approximately 85 children attend the Centre from 3 months through to 5 years however on 50 children can attend the centre at any one time.

What qualifications do the staff have? Our staff all have one of the following qualifications - Bacherlor of Teaching Learning or Diploma of Teaching, or are in training towards one of these qualifications.

How often does the Centre have staff changes, and who covers when staff are sick? Creative Corner are fortunate to have a stable teaching team.  However staff can leave for various reasons - maternity leave, change of city, or new employment.  When staff are sick or on holiday we have excellent relievers to call on to take their place.