We are excited about all of our 4 year old tamariki who are joining our group. We thought this would be a good opportunity to share what and why we do the over 4 programme. We also have included a small science experiment that we have done with some of our over 4’s recently. 
Currently our Over 4’s are working on games, science experiments, and having fun as a group. This builds knowledge of how we can work together, listen and share ideas, building positive learning dispositions that are necessary for the children’s learning now, and in the future. Sessions last approx 10-20 minutes, once daily. 
We come together to say our Mihimihi, in both te reo Maori, English and in sign language. This greeting explains our place in Creative Corner and in the world. This develops language and confidence as we encourage the children to speak to others in the group. 
We then work on social competencies, group activities as well as skill based activities. Foundational numeracy and literacy skills are interwoven throughout the programme, all of which prepare children for the skills needed as they transition to school. 
Lauren and Tanyka are responsible for the curriculum, and look forward to parents input about what you would like your children to be doing in this programme. We also endeavour to share with you on a weekly basis what is happening in over 4’s via a weekly planner, displayed in the classroom. Please approach us if you have any questions or comments. 
We are also looking at making a wall display, “where will you be going to school” helping to make connections for children and families as they look to the future. 
Also a good reminder to enrol, or at least look at possible schools for your 4 year old, allowing time for them to get to know the school via informal chats, making connections with others and allows the school to plan for how many students they will have. 
We look forward to supporting and learning with your 4 year olds.


Things you will need -

Plastic bag, sealable
Kebab sticks, (or can use sharp pencils)

Fill the bag up with water, seal the top. 
Talk about what happens if there were to be holes in the plastic bag,, would the water come out? 
Ask what would happen if the kebab sticks went into the bag? 
Take the kebab stick and very quickly poke it in the plastic bag. 
What happens? 
Why is the water not coming out?

The pressure of the water keeps the water from coming out of the holes when the kebab stick is in the bag. 
What other things would work like this?

Children are engaged in science whenever they are learning about the world around them. This sort of play allows children to develop a perception of themselves as “explorers” - competent, confident learners who ask questions and make discoveries.