NEWSLETTER 19 January 2018

(Greetings to you)

Tau Hou Hari
Happy New Year
and welcome back

We hope everyone has had a good chance to recharge your batteries over the Christmas break.
It is great to see the children returning to Creative Corner, sharing stories about what they have done, with their friends and teachers.
When we slip out of our normal routines, like when we are not at work/school over summer, remember it doesn’t take long for children to lose their normal behaviour patterns. It can take children (and adults) a couple of weeks to return to “life as normal” and sometimes we all need a little bit more time for our bodies to catch up with what our head wants to do.

Profile Books
Can parents please return their child’s profile books to the Centre.

As much as we appreciate parents making cakes on their child’s birthday to bring to the Centre, unfortunately due to some children’s allergies we ask that parents only bring marshmallows or popcorn to share. Thanks.
Healthy Heart Awards
This year the Creative Corner teachers are going to be working towards gaining a bronze medal in the Healthy Heart awards while working our way towards achieving gold in the future so we can be recognized as Health Heart Awards ECE service.
This will make a positive difference for our community by promoting healthy eating and physical activity, not only just for our tamariki but for their whanau as well. It will inspire and spark enthusiasm in our tamariki to learn about healthy eating options and how these benefit their bodies.
There will be resources parents can source from the Centre as we grow a library to share with you that will include lunchbox guidelines, fun physical activities you can do with your children at home, information around the importance of active play and some cookbooks.
Later this year there will be a parent night to update you on our progress with this and share information around our PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) we run with the children.
Active play during the first five years of life is essential to the health and future wellbeing of our children so we are looking forward to your support with this initiative.

Tēnā koe e hoa
(Greetings, Hello to you friend)

Saturday, 17 March
(More info to come)