CREATIVE CORNER Newsletter 11 July 2019

(Greetings to you)

We say goodbye to Jess Monaghan and Ashley Chang who leave the Pukeko Room. Happy school days Jess and Ashley.

The Kaka Room welcomes Lucas Southgate.

Hi, I'm Pip Reihana. My daughter Te Aika has been in the Kaka's for nearly a year after transferring from another Centre. Our whanau really enjoy CC and the values that are implemented throughout the Centre.
We quickly felt like we were part of the CC family. Being a part of the Board is an opportunity for me to give back to CC and support the growth of our gorgeous tamariki, particularly with my background as a Clinical Psychologist. We look forward to being a part of CC and working with Amy and the team for the next few years.
Nga mihi koutou.

There has been quite a bit of interest in pets and animals in the Pukekos. Many of the tamariki have shared stories about the pets they have at home, their names and how they look after them. While others have displayed interest in dinosaurs, insects, amphibians, marine animals and other wild life.
We have extended children’s imaginations through a range of small play set ups, such as vets and pet shops; and we have jumped in alongside them to learn more through reference books, the IPad and the world globe about where certain animals live in the world, what they eat and how they behave. This helps the children to make links with the outside world; as well as share their own thoughts and feelings about their pets and/or other animals they have seen locally.
We recently completed the last of our trips to the library. This has been such an engaging experience for all the children. For many it was new and unfamiliar riding to town on the bus, but it created a range of conversations as tamariki identified local land sights and shared stories about where they have been and with who i.e. the hospital, shops and cafes. They have enjoyed reading the collection of books we gathered on our way, and it was a fantastic way for children to engage with one another within our local community. We were so proud of the tamariki and how they represented Creative Corner throughout the trips. We look forward to visiting other landmarks and services in the near future. (Kerry)

What a great response we had from the ‘Who are we?’ wall, over the next few days I will taking these down and using the photos to create a book that we can look through with the tamariki. They have really enjoyed looking at their peers and spotting the animals out on the all. On Tuesday myself and Diane took a few tamariki to the Library on the bus, this was such a fun and exhausting trip but we will try and do a few more of these with other tamariki.
Please try and complete and hand in the parent survey as this is to help us do better, if you need a new copy ask Katy.
We have also had lots of fun time outside playing outside in this cold weather so please ensure they come along with a jacket and spare clothes in case they get.
I am off to Bali to enjoy some sun for 2 weeks next week so you will see Sophie in the Kakas covering. Keep warm. (Katy)

“Ko te kai a te rangatira he kōrero. Ko te tohu o te rangatira he manaaki i te tangata"
"The food of a leader is oratory. The symbol of a leader is caring for people."

Kia tipu ngatahi – Growing together