CREATIVE CORNER Newsletter 29 March 2017

Hollie Balloch, who is currently a student teacher at the Centre on Tuesdays in the Pukeko room. This is the practical aspect of her course at Ara, studying towards her Certificate in Early Childhood Level 3.
The Pukekos farewell Thomas Stevenson who heads off to school. Happy school days Thomas.
We have accepted the resignations of three longstanding members this year at our AGM.
Stacey Scott: Stacey has been on the BOT for almost 10 years, and has been such a strong and committed member on the Board often going above and beyond. Stacey has been heavily involved with the build, attending countless meetings and much of her own time invested in the Centre. Stacey has been a wealth of information and having contacts within the community, and helping to set the Centre on the strong strategic direction that we are heading.
Charlotte Clifford: Charlotte has been on the BOT for nine years. She has been acting as our solicitor and has worked alongside the Manager to ensure the Centre is working within the rules of an Incorporated Society, and other legal requirements the Centre has to work within. Charlotte has often worked behind the scenes and has helped to shape the Centre to what we are able to enjoy today.
Georgina Hamilton: Georgina has been a member of the BOT for four years and also the Chairperson on our BOT for three of those years. Georgina was involved with the build of our new Centre, being a wealth of knowledge and support for the Manager at the time. There were many long hours and countless meetings, and her own time invested in the build and moving the Centre forward, looking to the future.
Stacey, Charlotte, and Georgina Creative Corner cannot thank you enough for your time and expertise making the Centre the place it is todayand for the future for all the children, families, and staff. You and your families have invested countless hours of your time and energy into the Centre and for that Creative Corner will be forever grateful. We are very fortunate to have such a strong Board of Trustees at Creative Corner and you have contributed immensely to what Creative Corner is today. Thank you.
What an impressive turn out to the first Creative Corner Disco. Katy and Deb you did an awesome job organising this and decorating to make the Pukeko room transform into a wonderful disco atmosphere for the children. A great family evening!! The Disco also carried on for the next day, as some children were not able to attend. There were some great dance moves and lots of awesome singing voices. Amazing to hear so many children knowing so many songs and the words for these songs!! Good old Disney!!TE
Moe: Sleep
Haere mai: come here
whakarongo: listen