CREATIVE CORNER Newsletter 20 April 2017

Welcome to Evie Wilson and Jack Small who join us in the Kakas.
If your child is absent for the day please call the Centre before 8.30am to receive your 50% discount on the fee for the day. This also helps with the organisation of our staffing for the day.
Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser, with a special thank you to Stacey and Dave Scott for donating the peastraw once again.
A total of $1350.00 was raised.
Kia ora mo to awhi (thank you for your help).
Hourly Rate - $6.00
Daily Rate (Over 7.5 hours) - $45.00
Weekly rate (Over 35 hours) - $225.00
All accounts are to be paid weekly in full. Statements will be available weekly to parents and/or on request.
Payment is due in full seven days after receipt of statement/invoice.
Payment preference is by automatic payment.
A charge of 50% of usual fees is applied when children are sick and the Centre has been notified your child will not be attending.
A charge of 50% of regular fees is charged when children are absent on holiday and we have been given one weeks’ notice of their non-attendance.
There is no charge for statutory holidays that fall on a week day. Non-attendance forms are in the kete in front of the sign in sheets or you can ask a staff member. Informing us of your absence allows us to reconfigure staffing.
A charge of 0.50 cents per hour when a child turns 3 is optional. This is to maintain trained and registered teachers above the Ministry of Education requirements of 80%. Also to maintain adult: child ratios above Ministry of Education regulated requirements.
We have a raffle of goodies to help with fundraising (this can be viewed at Reception along with tickets).
Please support the Centre’s fundraising with a gold coin donation.
This will be drawn on 1 May.
A movie night fundraiser is proposed for Thursday, 18 May. Please keep this night free. It is always a successful fundraiser for the Centre, as well as a fun night enjoying a good movie. We also provide coffee and cake prior to commencement of the movie also. The movie intended to be shown is “Snatched”. We will advise when tickets are available for purchase.