CREATIVE CORNER Newsletter 16 May 2017

Tena ra Koutou
(Greetings to you)

Hourly Rate $6.00
Daily Rate (Over 7.5 hours) $ 45.00
Weekly rate (Over 35 hours) $225.00

We would appreciate and encourage all accounts to be paid weekly in full.
Statements are available weekly to parents and/or on request.
Payment is requested and preferred by automatic payment, bill payment or alternatively by cheque or cash.

A charge of 50% of usual fees is applied when children are sick and the Centre has been notified your child will not be attending. A charge of 50% of regular fees is charged when children are absent on holiday and we have been given one week’s notice of their non-attendance. Non-attendance forms are in the kete in front of the sign in sheets or you can ask a staff member. Informing us of your absence allows us to reconfigure staffing.

A charge of 0.50 cents per hour when a child turns 3 is optional. This is to maintain trained and registered teachers above the Ministry of Education requirements of 80%. Also to maintain adult: child ratios above Ministry of Education regulated requirements.

The winner of our gift basket raffle was Lorraine Sugrue. Thank you to those who supported this fundraiser. We raised $92.50.
Movie Night Fundraiser & Raffle
Thank you to all those who have supported this fundraiser and bought tickets to the movie ‘Snatched’ on Thursday, 18 May.
Reminder coffee and cake will be served from 7.00pm. Movie commences at 7.30pm.
We also have a raffle with great prizes. $2.00 a ticket or 3 for $5.00. Thank you to the businesses that provided prizes.
If you cannot make it to the movie but would like to support us, the raffle is available at Reception prior to the night.

Creative Corner is part of the EC Leaders South Canterbury Inc, which is a group of managers and leaders from 16 pre-schools, kindergartens and home based care around South Canterbury.
Amy was one of the teachers helping to form this group, and the purpose is to share expertise and knowledge, provide a place for agencies who want to know something from the Early Childhood Education Sector to contact, and to provide some Professional Development within our teaching community.
At the meeting last week we had a visit from Richard Spackman the Director of Ricoh, along with Travis Cook and Rymi Sakimura, Account Manager at Heartland Design and Print, as they are providing sponsorship to the group to help provide professional development etc to the Early Childhood community. They presented a small gift to each of the 16 Centres, a Bluetooth Speaker. This was a very generous gift and one that our Centre can use on a daily basis. Thank you very much to Ricoh and Heartland -Design and Print.