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15 March2017
Kia Ora Tato

The Centre welcomes Laura Small to the Pukekos. Laura has been employed as a fixed term staff member until 27 October. Please make yourself known to Laura. Welcome also to Taylor Brickle who joins us in the Pukekos.

Friday 17th March
Help celebrate St PAtricts Day at Creative Corner, dress up in green or add some fun green accessories. We will be having lots of fun "green" themed activities during the day with the tamariki.

Peastraw Fundraiser
$5.00 per bale (300 bales total) – first in first served. Pick up Creative Corner - Saturday, 25 March, 10.00am-12.00pm. Orders close Tuesday, 21 March

Te reō used in Centre
Within our programme we use te reō when talking with the children about aspect of the routines and their day. We are including a couple of words here that your child may be using at home.
Hat – pōtae
Food – kai
Toilet - wharepaku

Creative Corner
Annual General Meeting: Monday, 20 March 2017, 8.00pm
Scott & Associates
1 Stafford Street, Timaru
(Near Smith City Store/ Chipmunks)

Thursday, 23 March 2017, 5.30-6.30pm
(At Creative Corner)

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15 February 2017
Kia Ora Tato

Welcome to Sailor Lindsay and William Loveday who join Creative Corner in the Kakas.

We say goodbye to Ellae Cahill who leaves the Pukekos.

Children’s Profile Books
Reminder: Please return your child’s Profile book so that teachers can update.

Over 4s Activities
The over 4s have been looking at their place in the world, specifically where they live. Knowing our address is a good life skill, and we are working on incorporating it into the Mihi that we start Over 4s with. Lucy started writing a letter to her Dad, and we thought it could be a great way of connecting home and Centre. All of the tamariki drew pictures about their time at Creative Corner, and we then added their own words to the pictures, before putting in envelopes, addressing and adding stamps.
We then organised a day to take a small group out to post the letters. Fantastic discussions were had about all of the different shops, houses, trees and numbers on letterboxes that we passed by, figuring out connections to home, Centre and each other.
When we got to the mailbox the children needed to listen to their address as I read it out, most were able to identify their own address. What a great hands on, real life learning experience for our tamariki. We have plans for more letter writing. Maybe even our families could write a letter with their tamariki to send to someone special?

Timaru Rocks
This is a local art incentive that is in the Timaru area with Medinella’s Mum, Rose Fauth, making this happen. We were very excited to be asked to be involved.
People can go onto the Timaru Rocks group on Facebook and see where the artistic rocks have been hidden. Then you find them, take a photo of them and rehide them for others to find.
Over 4s have been busy working on our rocks. We painted them and then carefully chose stickers to put on them. We then did layers of modge podge glue to stick the stickers fully to the rocks. Our next adventure is to go and find some places to put our rocks…. We will keep you posted!

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6 February 2017
Kia Ora Tato
Happy New Year


Welcome to Harry Carter, Isabelle Stevenson and Freya Haggart who join Creative Corner in the Kakas.
Farewell The Kakas farewelled Ryan Hall. Farewell also to Jacob Campbell and Jaxon Arkinstall from the Pukekos. Happy School days boys.

Reminder: The car park behind Creative Corner was designed so that staff cars would not be on the street, as this was also part of our building consent.
At the time of the build it was thought that parents parking out the back may be a hazard with young children, and the driveway is only wide enough for one car.
If you do use the car park while dropping off or collecting your child(ren), please ensure you are very aware of where the children are at all times.
Please be aware that this are is not fenced in anyway, and there are also staff arriving or leaving work throughout these peak drop off and pick up times.
While staff always ensure they are driving at very slow speeds, we would hate for a child to become hurt as a result of being in the car park.
We have had a couple of ‘close calls’, so if you choose to use the car park at the back this is at your own risk.

Over 3s changes to hours, 20 hours free ECE funding
We are very fortunate to have a waiting list at Creative Corner and as such we cannot always change your child’s bookings. If you wish to change your child’s booked
days/hours please come and see Leesa, and we will try to accomidate these as best we can, in a timely fashion.

Parent Mail Box
We have placed a wooden ‘mailbox’ on the lower part of the reception desk. This is a locked box and is for any money you may be paying, whether this is fees, fundraising etc. Please place your cash in a sealed envelope (there are small brown envelops in one of the kite hangig one the front of the desk), and write your child’s name, amount of cash and what it is for.

Tikanga information sharing
As part of Creative Corners Strategic Plan, staff are looking at ways that we ensure our bi-cultural practice is more visable within the centre, our practices and the environment we provide for chaildren and whanau. We will be looking at a different aspect of Tikanga each month and looking at how we can include this within the centre. Attached is the aspect we are looking at in January/February. If you have any questions or ideas please see a staff member, thank you.

Children’s names on pockets
We have just purchased a new label maker. Children’s names on pockets will be updated and put in alphabetical order first name. This will be done in the coming days. Please remember to check where your child’s pocket will has been moved to.

Monday, 6 February, Waitangi Day CCELC will be closed
March 2017, CCELC AGM, (Date to be confirmed)

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18 January 2017
Kia Ora Tato
Happy New Year

Welcome to our new staff member Deb Fuller
Welcome to Deb who has joined us in the Pukekos. Please make yourself known to her. “Kia ora everyone. My name is Deb and I have joined Creative Corner on a fixed term basis until September. I am born and bred here in Timaru and studied through Canterbury University, where I attained my Bache-lor’s degree in Teaching and Learning. I have been teaching for four years and have had experience working with every age group. I love all the different age groups and believe they are all unique and have something different to offer. During my time here I will be teaching in the Pukeko Room. I look forward to meeting you all and playing a part in the learning journeys of your children.”

Resetting Routines
Happy New Year and welcome back. We hope everyone has had a good chance to recharge your batteries over the Christmas break. It is great to see the children returning to Creative Corner, sharing stories about what they have done, with their friends and teachers. When we slip out of our normal routines, like when we are not at work/school over summer, remember it doesn’t take long for children to lose their normal behaviour patterns. It can take children (and adults) a couple of weeks to return to “life as normal” and sometimes we all need a little bit more time for our bodies to catch up with what our head wants to do.

Acting Centre Manager
I am looking forward to what 2017 has in store as I take over for Amy while she is on maternity leave. I am looking forward to the challenges it provides and it will also give me the opportunity to extend and explore my leadership skills within the Centre, and supporting others as they also step into different roles. I am happy to (try and) answer any queries you may have, as I work through what happens in Amy’s office within a year (well until September).

Summertime is fast approaching
Our sun safety policy came into effect from daylight saving. Please ensure your child brings their sunhat and has had their sunblock applied. Any questions, please see a staff member.

Waitangi Day
Monday, 6 February 2017 - the Centre will be closed