Meet our team

We are are proud of our low teacher to child ratios: 1:3.5 in the under 2's and 1:7 in our over 2's. We employ only trained and registered teachers or those currently in training.

"The teachers who work with infants and toddlers have been chosen for their specific expertise and passion for working with this age group. Teachers have caring and supportive relationships with infants and toddlers. This is shown through close contact, touching, gentle care, smiles, nurturing and the calm, slow pace of their work. Teachers talk with infants and toddlers about what is going to happen next and give them time to understand and accept what is being done. They recognise and respond to infants’ and toddlers’ non-verbal communication... .Teachers work closely with the children’s parents to find out about their individual needs. Care and effort is put into infants’ transition into the centre and building parents’ and children’s sense of belonging and wellbeing. When children with diverse needs attend the centre the teachers adapt the programme to ensure they are fully included... .Teachers work very well together as a team to support each child’s learning and wellbeing. Infants and toddlers regularly hear te reo Māori and waiata. A teacher with strengths in te reo and tikanga Māori supports other teachers’ skills." - ERO 2014 report