Activities and Routine

What activities does the Centre offer? We offer a variety of activities and experiences based on the childrens interests. You will see the children involved in; science experiments, painting, gardening, water and messy play, group times, story times, role play, and excursions to the community and many many more.

Are there routines, for example sleep, meals, and nappy changing? We do have routine times. These are based around the routines of your child in the Kakas. In the Pukekos we have a rolling morning and afternoon Kai and a set lunch time where the children all eat together. Children in the older room are supported throughout the day with toileting and nappy changing. Children in the Kakas are checked and then changed as needed

Do you need to bring food for your child or is it provided? You do need to bring food for your child. Creative Corner doesn't provide any food. We do have a shared fruit bowl that we ask parents to help their child choose a piece of fruit from their lunch to contribute. This is then shared out during the day.


Nervous about leaving your little one with us for the first time? 

Settling in process for Kaka Room - Under 2s

We like to arrange six 30 minute visits so that you and your child are able to build relationships with your key teacher and the other teachers within the room before you have to say goodbye. How a settling process may look from three weeks before your start date; there is plenty of room for flexibility if you or your child is requiring more visits:

Visit 1 - This is a time to meet the staffing team and your child’s key teacher. This visit will purely be around creating a relationship for everyone and allowing the child to explore freely if they wish.

Visit 2 – Building on the relationships between the key teacher and child, and key teacher and family while gathering insight into the child’s routine.

Visit 3 – Continue strengthening relationships. Allowing your child to explore freely with more interaction from the key teacher.

Visit 4 – This is a time if you are feeling comfortable where you can say goodbye for 10 minutes and make yourself a cup of tea in the staff room. It is important to say goodbye to your child, so that they know what is happening and that you do come back.

Visit 5 – Saying goodbye for 20 minutes if you feel comfortable; feel free to bring some snacks or if your child is requiring a bottle within that time

Visit 6 – Repeat of visit 5; this will create consistency for the child.

Cost and Hours

What is the cost?  Hourly rate:$7.00, Daily rate: Over 7 hrs $49.00, Weekly Rate: Over 35 hrs $245.00

Do you have to pay if your child is sick or away?  A 50% discount is given if your child is sick or on holiday. No charge on Statutory holidays or over our close down at Christmas.

Does the service offer 20 hours per week free ECE for 3 and 4 year olds?  20 hours per week free ECE is offered at our Centre for 3 and 4 year olds.

What hours are available for your child?

Monday: 8:15–5:15
Tuesday: 8:15–5:15
Wednesday: 8:15–5:15
Thursday: 8:15–5:15
Friday: 8:15–5.15

Health & Safety

Is the Centre licensed? Yes, we have been licensed by the Ministry of Education and we work hard to ensure that the Licensing Criteria conditions are met at all times.

Who can collect your child? Only the people that you have given written permission to collect your child will be permitted to remove them from the Centre.

How do they keep children safe on a trip–number of adults to children and availability and number of car seats? We often take the children on trips or small walks around the local community. We maintain low ratios when we are out and about and always ensure that we have parental permission and that we have conducted a risk analysis. We sometimes use public transport with our older children. We do not generally use private transport as we cannot be assured of the saftey of the car. Our Kaka children will often go for small walks to the local park. We use the centre prams for these trips.

How do they deal with first aid and health problems? All of our staff are trained first aiders. If your child has specific health needs please discuss these with us on enrolment.

If your child is sick, how long do they need to be at home? It depends on the illness. The Ministry of Health has guidance about contagious illnesses that we follow within the centre. To help to contain the spread of vomiting or diarrhea illnesses we ask that children are kept home for a period of 48 hours from their last symptom.

Does the ECE Centre have an illness policy? Yes we do, you will find this in your enrolment packs.

How and when will staff contact you? Staff will contact you if your child has a temperature, if they are too sick to continue within the programme (ie. vomiting) or if they have had an accident that requires further attention.  We will contact you on the numbers provided on enrolment or if we are unable to get hold of you we will contact the emergancy contacts you have provided.

Staff and Size

How many children are cared for by each adult? 1:3 in the under two's and 1:8 in our over two's.

How many children go to the service, and what age range are they?  Approximately 85 children attend the Centre from 3 months through to 5 years however on 50 children can attend the centre at any one time.

What qualifications do the staff have? Our staff all have one of the following qualifications - Bacherlor of Teaching Learning or Diploma of Teaching, or are in training towards one of these qualifications.

How often does the Centre have staff changes, and who covers when staff are sick? Creative Corner are fortunate to have a stable teaching team.  However staff can leave for various reasons - maternity leave, change of city, or new employment.  When staff are sick or on holiday we have excellent relievers to call on to take their place.