Our fees policy

We aim to provide a clear and accurate fee structure that ensures the Centre can plan for appropriate staffing levels and meet all financial obligations. 

  • We will review fees annually, to ensure fee increases are manageable for families, increases should be consistent with current inflation.
  • If the Centre is informed children are to be absent on their booked days an Absence Fee of 50% of regular fees for the time absent shall apply.
  • For children who receive a WINZ Subsidy the Absence Fee will be the equivalent of their subsidy or 50% of their usual fee, which ever is the greater.

Notified absences:

Sickness: When the Centre is notified of a child’s absence due to illness before 8:30am (or 12:00pm for those booked for the afternoon only) the Absence Fee shall apply. Parents/caregivers will be charged 100% for the day that their child is attending the Centre, but asked to go home because of sickness. The Absence Fee shall apply thereafter.

Holiday: Five days notice is required for children’s absence due to holidays. A Non-attendance form is completed by parents and passed on to the Office for all holiday absences.

Unnotified absences: Unnotified absences will be charged at the usual full rate.

Late fee: If children are not picked up within 15 minutes of their booked time staff are to notify the parent/caregiver or emergency contact on the child’s registration form. If children are not collected at the end of the day two staff will stay with the child/children until 6.00pm and a late fee of $10.00 will be charged. After this time the police will be notified.

Payment of fees

  • All accounts are to be paid weekly in full.
  • Weekly statements will be issued to parents and/or on request.
  • Payment is due in full 7 days after receipt of /invoice.
  • Payment is requested by automatic payment or bill payment, and is preferable.