What to bring

  1. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

  2. Full change of clothing, eg. socks, underpants, singlets etc.

  3. Warm hat and coat in winter or sun hat in the summer

  4. Nappies and wipes 


Food - Kaka Area

Parents: Please provide all food for their child, we follow routines from home for babies and younger children, for others Kai times are approximately Morning tea 9:30am, lunch 11:00am afternoon tea 2:30pm. You should provide sufficient food to meet their needs for the time they are here. See the attached pages for further ideas on the types of food you can provide.

Babies: Please bring your baby’s bottle with formula already mixed and/or a supply of formula enough for the day as we do not have the facilities to make this up at the centre. 

All children: Food for the fridge should be put in a plastic container with your child’s name attached (these are on the kitchen bench), all other food should be placed in the cupboard in the area named for your child. Teachers will give children a selection of food at Kai times.

Food - Pukeko Area

Again parents provide all their child’s food requirements. Please provide one food box containing your child’s morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. These are placed in the cupboard in the kitchen and given to children at the appropriate time. We provide a rolling kai time for an hour in the morning (approx 9:30am – 10:30am) and the afternoon (2:30pm – 3:30pm) when children can come and have some food as required. Lunch is at 11:30am when all children sit down together. Creative Corner Early Learning Centre has established effective programmes where children grow and develop holistically, and are presented with the necessary tools to adopt their own individual approach to healthy eating and physical wellbeing. Positive attitudes towards health and physical wellbeing are fostered and nurtured to best meet the outcomes of the children in our care. We work with the Ministry of Health to provide healthy options for our children. The Centre has full kitchen facilities ‑ food can be heated if necessary in the microwave. Please name all food containers clearly with a permanent marker. Any food allergies are required to be listed on your Registration form.


Please supply sufficient nappies and wipes for each visit. These may be disposable or cloth. Wet and soiled cloth nappies are put in a supermarket bag and will be sent home. Please ensure all children are clean and dry on arrival at the centre. Changing facilities are available for you to change your child before leaving the Centre. 


Clothing should be washable and easy to remove. Play can be messy and children can get wet in the best of regulated circumstances so please ensure at least three full changes of clothing provided, eg. socks, underpants, singlets, etc. If your child is wet or very dirty we will change them. Please name all clothes and any personal items. The centre is not held responsible if items are misplaced and are not named. In winter we do go outside so you should send a hat and coat every day. From October to March children must wear a sunhat when they are outside so please send then along with one each day.