We provide the environment, the experiences and the guidance, which will promote the optimum development of the individual child.  We understand the importance of the first years of life and the necessity of meeting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of young children.  

We have an informal setting where children, parents and staff can benefit and feel valued, respected and relaxed.  

We believe in offering an environment which reflects that people are important. A great place for children, parents and staff to be!

We believe every child needs responsive, accepting, warm, safe and informed care.

This is essential for it is the basic foundation that children need in order to feel good about themselves.  It ensures they are secure enough to take pleasure in actively exploring and learning about themselves, people and things around them.

We recognise that every child is a unique individual with his/her own growth rate, temperament, interests and abilities.

We respect and value diversity. We foster children’s empathetic awareness of differences in culture and abilities. We encourage children to go beyond stereotypic gender role constraints to ensure that no aspects of development will be closed off simply because of a child’s gender.

Positive behaviour guidance is our approach.

We offer encouragement when children are distressed, intervene when their problems are overwhelming and empower them to overcome obstacles and conflicts.

We are actively engaged in providing children with the knowledge skills and abilities they will need to be successful lifelong learners.

We work alongside Primary Schools to support children in the next step in their education.