(Greetings to you)

We say goodbye to Wiremu Crabtree from the Kaka Room.

Earlier this week our tamariki were provided with the opportunity to partake in a music and movement session, carried out by professional Irish dance coach – Jess Bacon. This was a great way for the children to come together and learn new ways of stretching and moving their bodies to music. Dancing and moving with ribbons and scarves was definitely a highlight for many. This was obvious through the sheer joy and smiles upon many of the children’s faces. We look forward to another dance session with Jess next week. Thank you Jess it was awesome!!!!

Kia tipu ngatahi – Growing together

(Greetings to you)

We say goodbye to Jess Monaghan and Ashley Chang who leave the Pukeko Room. Happy school days Jess and Ashley.

The Kaka Room welcomes Lucas Southgate.

Hi, I'm Pip Reihana. My daughter Te Aika has been in the Kaka's for nearly a year after transferring from another Centre. Our whanau really enjoy CC and the values that are implemented throughout the Centre.
We quickly felt like we were part of the CC family. Being a part of the Board is an opportunity for me to give back to CC and support the growth of our gorgeous tamariki, particularly with my background as a Clinical Psychologist. We look forward to being a part of CC and working with Amy and the team for the next few years.
Nga mihi koutou.

There has been quite a bit of interest in pets and animals in the Pukekos. Many of the tamariki have shared stories about the pets they have at home, their names and how they look after them. While others have displayed interest in dinosaurs, insects, amphibians, marine animals and other wild life.
We have extended children’s imaginations through a range of small play set ups, such as vets and pet shops; and we have jumped in alongside them to learn more through reference books, the IPad and the world globe about where certain animals live in the world, what they eat and how they behave. This helps the children to make links with the outside world; as well as share their own thoughts and feelings about their pets and/or other animals they have seen locally.
We recently completed the last of our trips to the library. This has been such an engaging experience for all the children. For many it was new and unfamiliar riding to town on the bus, but it created a range of conversations as tamariki identified local land sights and shared stories about where they have been and with who i.e. the hospital, shops and cafes. They have enjoyed reading the collection of books we gathered on our way, and it was a fantastic way for children to engage with one another within our local community. We were so proud of the tamariki and how they represented Creative Corner throughout the trips. We look forward to visiting other landmarks and services in the near future. (Kerry)

What a great response we had from the ‘Who are we?’ wall, over the next few days I will taking these down and using the photos to create a book that we can look through with the tamariki. They have really enjoyed looking at their peers and spotting the animals out on the all. On Tuesday myself and Diane took a few tamariki to the Library on the bus, this was such a fun and exhausting trip but we will try and do a few more of these with other tamariki.
Please try and complete and hand in the parent survey as this is to help us do better, if you need a new copy ask Katy.
We have also had lots of fun time outside playing outside in this cold weather so please ensure they come along with a jacket and spare clothes in case they get.
I am off to Bali to enjoy some sun for 2 weeks next week so you will see Sophie in the Kakas covering. Keep warm. (Katy)

“Ko te kai a te rangatira he kōrero. Ko te tohu o te rangatira he manaaki i te tangata"
"The food of a leader is oratory. The symbol of a leader is caring for people."

Kia tipu ngatahi – Growing together


(Greetings to you)

We said goodbye Tom Strachan and Ashley Mehrtens from the Pukeko Room. Happy school days Tom and Ashley!

Welcome to Ella Gavigan and Maddox Drake who join us in the Kaka room.

Thanks to those who have completed these for their children – please fill out a form if your child will be away between 8 July-19 July – this enables us to better organise our staff over this period.

Having been a part of the Creative Corner family since our son Oliver started there 5 years ago, I feel very excited and privileged to have been asked to join the Board.
Now with our daughters Freya & Willa attending, and having witnessed firsthand how amazing the staff and facilities are, I'm really looking forward to offering some fresh ideas.
With my background in marketing and design, I'm hoping to assist where I can to help Creative Corner continue to be the best Centre in South Canterbury.
(Eamon Haggart)

Hi, I’m Sam Wilson, my daughter Maggie is 2 years old and has recently joined the ranks of the Pukekos. She’s been at Creative Corner for just over a year and we really love the culture and vibe that the Centre presents.
It was for that reason, and the desire to have as much of a hands-on involvement in my kids’ education as possible, that I agreed to join the BOT. That, and Amy’s promise of regular Board drinks.
We look forward to being part of the CC whanau until our youngest, George, hits school in 5 years.” Cheers, Sam
(Sam Wilson)

Our final Centre Value is Resilience.
This is an important lifelong skill. Being able to bounce back when things have not gone to plan and manage stress.
Ways you will see this exemplified around the Centre are – building children’s capacity to name and talk about their feeling, mindfulness practices, and being able to problem solve with decreasing levels of teacher support (as abilities increase).

Throughout the past couple of weeks our tamariki have been learning about Matariki - the Maori New Year. They have engaged in a range of experiences aimed at helping them to develop a deeper understanding of this yearly cultural event. This has included weaving their own ketes, creating paper lanterns, making salt dough creations, star biscuits; as well as singing and dancing to a range of waiata. However, one of the highlights was our Pyjama Day and all-day shared parakuihi (breakfast). We would like to thank all whanau for their effort and support with encouraging their tamariki to dress up and wear their onesies and warm winter PJ’s on the day.
The addition of some newly borrowed WAVE resources has allowed the children to further extend their interest in jumping, sliding, balancing and experimenting with different ways to move their bodies on a range of physical equipment. This week, many have also chosen to take on the challenge of our MISSION INPOSSIBLE obstacle course. A complex woven spiderweb of ribbon, where the children have to think ahead and problem solve how to move up, down, over and through the twisted ribbon, in order to get to the end. It has created a bit of healthy competition. (Having the Mission Impossible music playing, in the background added to the atmosphere, with one child even stating to a teacher,” Can you keep the music playing please…. as we can’t do the course without the music!!!” (Video of children available to view on our Facebook page). (Kerry)

After a month of sickness, it’s great to see everyone back to good health! It was a busy month with teachers and children away but we made it through!
This month the children have loved being involved with the WAVE resources that we have hired and have enjoyed having them within the classroom. Last week myself and Amy hung up curtains in the room that have changed the way the room looks and feels. Over the next few weeks we will be developing our classroom and would love feedback with what works and what doesn't when we try something new.
Thank you to those that have already filled out the Kaka survey; keep these coming as they are valuable to us. Thanks. (Katy)

There is a lot of sickness around at the moment, with both children and staff being affected. We ask that If your child is absent for the day, please call the Centre before 8.30am to receive your 50% discount on the fee for the day.
This also helps with the organisation of our staffing for the day.
If you do not advise of your child’s absent, you will be charged full fees for your child’s absence.

A reminder to please always sign your child IN and OUT.
The Ministry of Education requires that every child is signed in and out every day. If the Centre holds a practice fire drill and children are not signed in for the day, theoretically they cannot be accounted for.
We use sign in sheets as the roll in an emergency so it is important your child is included in our checks. Thanks.

Please ensure that you are collecting your child by their booked time. If you come in early we welcome you to stay with your child until their booked start time.
We need to be quite strict on this as we run to ratios and if parents are early dropping off or late collecting we may not have either the space or the correct amount of teachers.
If you need to drop off early or collect late you need to discuss this with either Amy or Kate in advance so we can check that we have enough space and staff to facilitate your request. Thank you for your attention to this.

(Greetings to you)

We said goodbye to Sophie Scott from the Pukekos and Kayla Ann Goodwillie. Happy school days Sophie and Kayla Ann.

Our curious children have turned into junior scientists as they have questioned and explored the scientific nature of liquids. They have marveled at the patterns formed when dish washing liquid is added to milk and dye. They have pondered on why can’t oil be mixed with water, no matter how long and fast it’s mixed, and they have made their own discoveries about what items around the preschool “float” or “sink” in bowls or a trough of water.
Alongside this, we have been amazed by the size, shape and magnitude of buildings, castles and shops that the children have enjoyed creating using a range of wooden blocks.
More often than not these have been a collaborative effort, providing the children with opportunities to share their ideas, negotiate and apply their problem solving skills through experimentation and trial and error. (Kerry)

We are all so impressed with all the photos and stories from all in regards to the ‘Who are we wall?’ has been a great response and we have all loved looking and reading everyone stories. It so wonderful watching parents make connections such as ‘ohhh they love bush walks too!’. So thank you for your contribution!
It has been awesome watching a large group of our tamariki extend on their gross motor skills as that was a large group focus you may now see a few of them standing and/or even walking!
Way to go!
Last week Margita and Diane attended a peaceful curriculum course in Chch so I’m looking forwards to the sharing of their new knowledge.(Katy)

(Oxford Restaurant)
Saturday, 15 June
Due to popular demand, this event has been a sell out!
We look forward to sharing the night with those who have bought tickets.

Kia tipu ngatahi –
Growing together